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Airborne Engineering

Airborne Engineering Limited (AEL) was established in 2001 to design, produce and test airborne instrumentation. Through developing a low thrust-misalignment solid propellant rocket nozzle for the QinetiQ-1 balloon, they became increasingly involved with rocket engine test and evaluation programmes. In recent years they have provided test services for rocket engines using a variety of solid, liquid and gaseous propellants. Market demand for ground support equipment has led to the development of propellant loading equipment that is now used for satellites at launch sites worldwide. AEL’s unique combination of capabilities has allowed them to grow from strength to strength, and are now one of the UK’s leading propulsion research facilities and key providers in the UK’s space propulsion supply chain.

Arc for space

Arc for Space is an initiative spearheaded by world-class institutions from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to address global challenges through the implementation of transformational technologies with the UK space sector. Top representatives from these institutions have come together to pool expertise and capabilities that can support UK-wide partnerships focused on global sustainability. We believe global challenges will only be solved by the financing of ambitious innovation and committed collaboration; and that the solutions lie in space.


Arralis offers market-leading solutions for communications and radar systems, specializing in the design and build of high-frequency Transceivers, RF and mm-wave Sub-Systems, MMICs and innovative Antennas. Arralis has a wealth of product innovation and development expertise within the team with most of our engineers being PhD educated. Arralis has high-tech design and build offices in the UK, US and Ireland. At our new site in Florida, USA we are building an ITAR compliant design and production facility.

A-V-S Added Value Solutions

AVS is one of the world´s leading companies in the design, development and production of mechanical, opto-mechanical, thermal and propulsion systems for Space and Scientific applications across the globe. AVS also created the spin-off company URA Thrusters which provides industry leading water-based propulsion systems across a broad range of spacecraft types. We are your one-stop shop for sustainable propulsion solutions. Together, both companies use their expertise to produce state-of-the-art thrusters and propulsion systems in a cost-effective manner, providing solutions from the best of both worlds: old-space and new-space.

Benchmark Space Systems

Benchmark combines mission heritage, best-in-class propulsion products with advanced control systems and complementary products and services to deliver bundled in-space mobility solutions with significant cost, schedule, and capability benefits over traditional offerings and procurement methods. Benchmark is your partner in space mobility.


Buckinghamshire business first

Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) is the Growth Hub for Buckinghamshire and is backed by Buckinghamshire-based entrepreneurs, thousands of SMEs, Buckinghamshire LEP and Local Authorities. Buckinghamshire Business First provides the link between public policy and the business community in Buckinghamshire and works with partners to create a dynamic business environment in the Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain. 


Buckinghamshire Enterprise Zone

Buckinghamshire Enterprise Zone is facilitating the strengthening of infrastructure at Silverstone Park, Westcott Venture Park and Arla / Woodlands sites; attracting and developing new business investment; accelerating the growth and development of local enterprise; and helping address the business-critical infrastructure needs of the sites.

In addition to strengthening the commercial offer of these three strategic employment locations, Enterprise Zone status is supporting the drive for inward investment projects from abroad.


In total, the Enterprise Zone designation covers approximately 96 hectares of commercial land with the potential to create over 310,000m2 of employment floorspace and over 5,500 new jobs.


Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership is a business-led ‘partnership of equals’ between local government and the private sector, building the conditions for sustainable economic growth in Buckinghamshire. 


Productivity levels in Buckinghamshire are amongst the highest in the country, we react to new ideas and opportunities to support and grow our business community. Our strength lies in the resilient balance between our enviable environment and an over-representation in the key growth sectors of life-sciences, space, creative industries, and advanced engineering.



European Astrotech

European Astrotech Ltd (EAL) provides engineering, technical and advisory support to the space propulsion industry for mechanical and chemical services in the supply and test of liquid propellants, material compatibility investigations, equipment design, testing of components and satellite propulsion subsystems, launch and test support, including spacecraft propulsion system fueling and pressurisation and other diverse advisory roles in safety and transport issues, design and production of satellite subsystems.



Excelerate has been delivering Hybrid Connectivity solutions for 20 years, enabling seamless connectivity across multiple bearers. As a specialist systems integrator, often their role is to develop the technology into a reliable and usable package for a specific user or market requirement. Utilising and managing private and public satellite, Cellular (4G/5G) and wireless networks in real time. Spanning a plethora of government agencies, private and commercial customers across the globe, Excelerate’s teams successfully deliver solutions across diverse market sectors, including entire Fire, Police, Ambulance and Public Services, as well as other sectors including Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Construction, Engineering, Corporates and Private and Commercial Maritime.

FTI Communication SYSTEMS

FTI Communication Systems Ltd – Networks for Critical Infrastructure. FTI are market leaders in resilient networks for UK Aviation Control Tower infrastructure supporting Airfield Comms, Navigational aids and Surveillance (CNS) systems. Their Equipment is in operational use at London Heathrow Airport and other major UK Airports. Strategic partnerships enable FTI to offer its network expertise for safety critical infrastructure to a variety of market sectors including Defence, Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities, in the UK and Worldwide.


Advanced fixed-wing security UAS platforms capable of autonomously tracking anything. From chasing vehicles and following people to hunting drones and tracking boats, Gibson Robotics’ Red Kite is perfect for a range of operations including policing and private security. Red Kite provides a live eye in the sky, capable of over 2 hours flight time, and requires minimal training to operate – ideal for large scale events or site security. Most importantly, Red Kite is constantly evolving packing more safety and operational features to the platform every month – and with a modular payload design, Red Kite can upgrade or swap the thermal camera for a variety of other capabilities.


LIFT ME OFF (LMO) is a UK SME which provides innovative green chemical propulsion systems and components for the small satellite and in-orbit servicing market.

LMO’s technology include propulsion systems for 24 to 100 kg satellites, propellant tanks from 1 to 5 litres and pointing mechanisms for electric & chemical thrusters up to 22N thrust.


Thanks to a strong team with experience and industry partnerships, LMO is able to offer and end-to-end propulsion solution from design through to build, test and launch.

lee company

For over 70 years, The Lee Company has pioneered the development of miniature precision fluid control components for aerospace, down-hole oil tools, machine tools, medical/scientific instrumentation, and ink-jet printing. Lee’s unique capabilities in miniaturization and engineering expertise — one in every eight employees is a graduate engineer — keep the company at the forefront of fluid flow technology.

Nexus Nine

Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter UAS are rapidly growing, agile and innovative industries currently attracting significant interest and funding. For UAS/CUAS systems to succeed commercially they must be shown to be safe and effective. Nexus Nine is able to design and deliver a wide range of trial, test, measurement, data capture and analysis capabilities to support the development and certification / accreditation of UAS/CUAS technologies. We also provide specialist advice to end users across the entire procurement life-cycle from initial requirements to operational testing. Underpinning these capabilities we hold multiple advanced UAS CAA flying approvals and can deliver bespoke training for customers who require similar such approval.


Established in 1946 as the Guided Projectile Establishment under the Ministry of Supply, Westcott rapidly became the key site for the research and development of solid and liquid propulsion within the UK.


Today Nammo Westcott, the remaining part of the original GPE, is a major supplier of chemical propulsion to the global spacecraft market. Nammo’s rocket engines and thrusters serve commercial, defence and science markets. In 2016 it was Nammo Westcott’s UK designed, developed and manufactured LEROS 1b Apogee engine that provided the insertion burn to allow NASA’s JUNO spacecraft to successfully enter into orbit around Jupiter.


Whether you offer launch services, provide range infrastructure or develop, assemble and test flight hardware, effective and safe coordination is critical. By definition, NewSpace requires affordable & adaptable hardware handling facilities and expertise where established industrial standards have been effectively incorporated.”

As spaceflight experts, Plastron targets effective and practical safety skills development, helping to optimise product development through safety led working practices and state-of-art hazardous working environments.


In this way, we are helping ensure the evolving UK space sector builds on a world-leading legacy in safe upstream operations.


Protolaunch specialises in chemical propulsion and the surrounding sub-systems for in-atmosphere and in-space applications. Protolaunch have a proven record of delivering complex multi-disciplinary propulsion projects for commercial customers and the European Space Agency. As an engine supplier for the launch industry, our focus is improving manufacturing scalability by eliminating the complexity of turbopumps, without sacrificing performance.


satellite applications Catapult

The Satellite Applications Catapult is at the heart of the satellite services revolution, driving take-up of space technology and applications to shape, and sustain, the world of tomorrow. We’re driven by how our actions help the organisations we work with, both large and small, bring new services to market. By connecting industry and academia we get new research off the ground and into the market more quickly.


south East Physics network

The South East Physics Network (SEPnet) is a consortium of nine university physics departments in the South-East of England: Hertfordshire, Kent, Portsmouth, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, and the Open University. SEPnet was set up in 2008, funded by HEFCE, to advance and sustain physics as a strategically important subject for the UK economy Along with its programmes in employability, graduate training, and outreach and public engagement, SEPnet is committed to improving the accessibility of physics for all. SEPnet is now in its third phase and is fully funded by its partner physics departments.

space Commercialisation engine

The Space Commercialisation Engine (SCE) is a programme that supports innovative EO ideas through research, investigation and development of an early stage prototype within an accelerated time scale. This process also allows access to networks of partners and looks to open investment opportunities. The programme is open to any UK company, in any sector that believes their business can benefit from innovation using EO data. Managed by the Satellite Applications Catapult, the Space Commercialisation Engine has access to considerable design and technical expertise, including cutting edge technologies from university partners.


Formed in 2018, Skyports is a leading developer, operator and service provider for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. Skyports is driven by a vision to enable society to enjoy a safer, happier, wealthier existence by improving connectivity to people and goods through the provision of AAM infrastructure and drone services, whilst protecting the planet for future generations.



Skyports provides and operates eVTOL drones for cargo drone deliveries, survey and surveillance. The company is an expert in the operation of long-range and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) autonomous flight for a multitude of use cases, including ship-to-shore and maritime applications, medical and dangerous goods deliveries, and AI-driven surveys for the agriculture and infrastructure sectors. Skyports is committed to elevating business potential, connectivity, and access to critical supplies through the application of drone services. 


ura thrusters

URA, the one-stop shop for in-space water propulsion solutions across a broad spectrum of spacecraft sizes and platforms: from CubeSats to SmallSats to large GEO platforms. 

URA means water in the Basque language, the oldest living language in Europe and, perhaps, the seed of all articulate language. At URA we will transform not communication, but in-space transport by providing green, low-cost and high-performance propulsion systems. Water is an enduring propellant choice: it is essential to our species, and will follow humans wherever we may explore.


Our mission: commercialise the use of water for space transportation and propulsion.

Total Carbide

Total Carbide have developed a unique approach which ensures customers receive a rapid, personal service and superior, high quality, finished hard metal products to exceed specification. With a global customer base covering over 40 different industries, they produce bespoke products for a wide spread of wear applications, ranging from all aspects of the oil and gas industry through measurement tools and cutting knives to difficult complex applications requiring specialized corrosion resistant materials. In addition, they have the latest facilities to produce a wide variety of specialized cutting inserts.


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