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Apian is first and foremost a healthcare company, whose business is to improve health outcomes. We do this by building products and platforms to connect the medical industry with the drone industry. We’re busy creating the NHS Air Grid for autonomous logistics to make people and the planet feel better.



Today, we are in need of new ways to obtain better, more reliable and more precise data to improve current practices and have a more sustainable approach when taking care of our soil. At E-Nano, we are tackling this issue by autonomously collecting and processing soil and environmental data to help avoid misuse of chemicals, fertilizers and water, reducing costs while increasing performance of their fields.

E-Nano offers their users a Robot as a Service that can record soil and environmental data, and post it in real time to our platform for fast lookup of analysed information and assessment through graphical interfaces with the ability to connect to other platforms to integrate weather and field-wide data.”

extend robotics

Our vision is to extend human capability beyond physical presence. We develop the next generation human-robot interface software for non-robotic experts to intuitively tele-operate robots or teach robot new automation skills using immersive technologies, utilising natural gestures, volumetric telepresence and artificial intelligence.



LMO is a UK/Luxembourg company with a vision to enable precision manoeuvring for in-space operations.  By combining Vision Based Artificial Intelligence and Novel Propulsion Technologies LMO enables satellites to autonomously identify, analyse and understand the behaviour of objects in space and subsequently to manoeuvre around them enabling in-orbit services such as inspection, manufacturing, refuelling & repair.



Magdrive is developing the next generation of spacecraft propulsion. The Magdrive is a small and powerful plasma thruster. By combining the high thrust and responsiveness of chemical propulsion with the high efficiency of electrostatic systems, the Magdrive will enable entirely new business models based on entirely new mission capabilities, such as operations in VLEO, inclinations changes, and orbital assembly and manufacturing. The Magdrive will also make it possible to deorbit satellites at the end of their lifetimes and perform the avoidance manoeuvres needed for a sustainable space economy.



Protolaunch specialises in chemical propulsion and the surrounding sub-systems for in-atmosphere and in-space applications. Protolaunch have a proven record of delivering complex multi-disciplinary propulsion projects for commercial customers and the European Space Agency. As an engine supplier for the launch industry, our focus is improving manufacturing scalability by eliminating the complexity of turbopumps, without sacrificing performance.



SteamJet develop safe, small, water-powered propulsion technologies designed for CubeSats and Small Satellites. The Steam Thrusters allow customers to: change and optimise orbit, extend mission lifetime, improve payloads performance, avoid collisions with other space objects and de-orbit. Using only low pressure water as the main propellant, SteamJet reduces the costs and risks associated with typical cold-gas or chemical propulsion systems, delivering better performance than traditional electric propulsion.

ura thrusters


URA, the one-stop shop for in-space water propulsion solutions across a broad spectrum of spacecraft sizes and platforms: from CubeSats to SmallSats to large GEO platforms. 

URA means water in the Basque language, the oldest living language in Europe and, perhaps, the seed of all articulate language. At URA we will transform not communication, but in-space transport by providing green, low-cost and high-performance propulsion systems. Water is an enduring propellant choice: it is essential to our species, and will follow humans wherever we may explore.


Our mission: commercialise the use of water for space transportation and propulsion.

Satellite Applications Catapult



The Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space. We work with businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and its applications. Based in Harwell, Oxfordshire, The Catapult was established as one of a network of centres to accelerate the take-up of emerging technologies and drive economic impact for the UK.

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